Wednesday, April 11, 2012

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Sri Lanka, the 2nd best tourist destination in the world – (National Geographic Channel) The National Geographic Channel in an exclusive report has categorized Sri Lanka as the second best place to visit. The commentators, Times Travel Writer Jil Crawshow and Editor of Wandertrust Magazine describe Sri Lanka as ‘definitely a best place to visit’. Referring to the first world traveller Marco Polo’s description of his ‘favourite island’, as the ‘Jade Pendant in the Indian Ocean’, the commentators state that Sri Lanka is exactly what it is and that it has got ‘basically everything for a tourist’. Observing that in Sri Lanka a tourist may have a ‘beach to yourself’, they add that the country has hundreds of miles of ‘amazingly undiscovered beaches and coral marine life’. ‘It is arguably one of the greatest islands for beaches’, they add. They report that Sri Lanka has a wonderful history and culture in a really small space and state that Sigiriya is a place not to be missed because of its scenic beauty.

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