Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Palau Island worlds most beautiful tropical paradise

World's most romantic honeymoon destinations is Palau Island located in the Pacific Ocean. Palau offers you the worlds most beautiful tropical paradise. The Rock Islands of Palau are a small collection of limestone or coral uprises, ancient relics of coral reefs that violently surfaced to form Islands in Palau’s Southern Lagoon. The islands, between 250 to 300 in number are for the most part uninhabited, and are famous for their beaches, blue lagoons and the peculiar umbrella-like shapes.

World's most romantic honeymoon destinations

Every couple dreams of going to one of the  world's most romantic honeymoon destinations. Where they'll be all alone together in a world of their own. No one to disturb them, as they explore the place, and each other. No phone calls, no meetings, no instant messengers, and no prying eyes. Just each other for a glorious number of days, until they get back to their daily hectic lives again. So which are the best honey
moon destinations in the world?

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