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Where to start in planning your romantic honeymoon

When helping couples find their ideal romantic honeymoon destinations, I've found that it helps to start by narrowing down your options a bit. 

Ask yourself what kind of location appeals to you most...

A pampered stay in an elegant hotel in a thriving city center.
A small ship cruise through crystal-clear tropical waters.
A rustic getaway in a luxury lodge, surrounded by pristine wilderness.
A thoroughly relaxing stay in a small but luxurious hotel on a remote island.

These are just a few of the possibilities you will encounter on this site. As you start to narrow your choices, you can more thoroughly research your trip, making sure you pick a place that perfectly matches your vision of romantic bliss.

So take a look around the site, check out the many romantic honeymoon destinations, and get started researching and planning your ideal honeymoon or getaway.   Life is too short to spend your precious time trying to convince a person who wants to live in gloom and doom otherwise. Give lifting that person your best shot, but don't hang around long enough for his or her bad attitude to pull you down. Instead, surround yourself with optimistic people."

top ten honeymoon locations:

10. Jamaica - beautiful beaches, lush rainforest, and that famous laid back attitude.

9. Cabo San Lucas - year-round warmth, stunning coastline, and absolutely great golf.

8. San Francisco - the most romantic city in North America, and close to Napa Valley.

7. Zihuatanejo - a quaint, artsy town on Mexico's most beautiful and romantic bay.

6. Riviera Maya - turquoise waters, white sand beaches, and Mayan pyramids.

5. St. Lucia - dramatic volcanic peaks, lush jungles, and incredibly romantic beaches.

4. Antigua - amazing beaches and intimate, romantic resorts. An island paradise.

3. St. Kitts and Nevis - lush, gorgeous, exclusive, with best beaches in the Caribbean.

2. Kauai - Hawaii's most beautiful and most romantic island. Now this is paradise.

1. St. John, USVI - the most beautiful water anywhere, tranquil, and utterly romantic.

All these locations are truly beautiful and utterly romantic. There are certainly many more wonderful honeymoon locations that didn't make the list.

Some up and coming locations include Puerto Rico (it's making a comeback), Phuket, Thailand (still big with Europeans), and Costa Rica.

It is important to thoroughly research your honeymoon destination, especially if you have not yet traveled abroad, as is the case with many newlyweds.

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Most of the above honeymoon destinations offer something for everyone. But by planning ahead and selecting a place that fits your unique tastes, you can help ensure that your honeymoon will be perfect, romantic, and unforgettable.

Top honeymoon destinations in islands of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Top honeymoon destinations, Top honeymoon destinations in islands of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, the 2nd best tourist destination in the world – (National Geographic Channel) The National Geographic Channel in an exclusive report has categorized Sri Lanka as the second best place to visit. The commentators, Times Travel Writer Jil Crawshow and Editor of Wandertrust Magazine describe Sri Lanka as ‘definitely a best place to visit’. Referring to the first world traveller Marco Polo’s description of his ‘favourite island’, as the ‘Jade Pendant in the Indian Ocean’, the commentators state that Sri Lanka is exactly what it is and that it has got ‘basically everything for a tourist’. Observing that in Sri Lanka a tourist may have a ‘beach to yourself’, they add that the country has hundreds of miles of ‘amazingly undiscovered beaches and coral marine life’. ‘It is arguably one of the greatest islands for beaches’, they add. They report that Sri Lanka has a wonderful history and culture in a really small space and state that Sigiriya is a place not to be missed because of its scenic beauty.

. World Honeymoon Destinations, Top Honeymoon Destinations ...
... and to make things easier for you, we have selected top honeymoon destinations that are truly a paradise on earth. Enjoy the most romantic honeymoon with your spouse at these world 

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  San Antonio River Walk, Texas

The Riverwalk is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Texas and the greater San Antonio area has a world of fun and exciting things to do and see.

The San Antonio River Walk (also known as Paseo del Río) is a network of walkways around the San Antonio River, linking several major attractions one story beneath downtown San Antonio, Texas. Lined by bars, shops and restaurants.

The River Walk proclaims itself the “Number One entertainment destination in Texas,” with 5.1 million visitors a year.

 Waikiki Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

Waikiki Beach is a legendary tourist zone on the south shore of Oahu in Hawaii. This iconic Hawaiian tourist destination, on the edge of the Honolulu neighborhood that shares is name, offers splendid views of the volcanic cone, Diamond Head.

With its droves of tourists, it also made Forbes Traveler’s list of over-hyped beaches. Upwards of 4.5 million sunbathers try to relax on its sands each year.


Americans eat a lot of fast food such as hamburgers, pizza, and fried chicken, but their diet embraces an enormous range of foods from all over the world. Staples include potatoes, pasta, breads, and rice prepared with a variety of sauces. In the past two decades, eating habits have changed as people have become more health conscious, but many Americans continue to eat red meat (beef in particular) as well as pork, and chicken and other fowl. People visiting the US for the first time are often amazed at the size of the steaks and other portions of food served in restaurants. Fresh fish and seafood are widely available on the coasts and near major rivers and lakes, and a wide variety of fresh vegetables and fruit is available year-round. An extensive food-distribution system makes fresh farm products available to all parts of the country. Americans also consume large amounts of chocolate, ice cream, and other forms of confectionery. Although beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages are available and popular in most areas, many Americans abstain from alcohol for health or religious reasons, and various kinds of mineral water are commonly available.

Culture of USA

Culture of USA has been a blend of varied influences of the different tribes and races who have inhabited the place from historical times. America has been the witness and home

to different European settlers. At present however, the country, a multi cultural one, has grown a culture of its own. Apple pie, baseball, and the American flag form the integral part of Culture of USA. Resulting from its strong ties with Britain, the Culture of USA is primarily British. It was because of British influence that English language, legal system were introduced to the country. At present, English language is the official language of the country. There were noted influences from other parts of Europe too as there were a large number of immigrants from different parts of Ireland, Germany, Poland, and Italy.


America West Express
Hawaiian Airlines - Limited
Royal Jordanian Airlines
US Airways
Virgin Atlantic Airways
United Airlines

National Mall and Memorial Parks, Washington, D.C

National Mall & Memorial Parks contains some of the oldest protected park lands in the National Park Service.

Many of the nation’s iconic public landmarks are found in the 1,000-plus acres of the National Mall and Memorial Parks, including the Washington, Lincoln, and Jefferson Memorials, and the Korean and Vietnam War Veterans Memorials.

 The Las Vegas Strip, Nevada

Las Vegas is the most popular tourist destination in the state of Nevada, the seat of Clark County, and an internationally renowned major resort city for gambling, shopping, andentertainment.

Enticing over 31 million visitors,about 80 percent of the city’s total (39.2 million) visitors, a year with its million-gigawatt smile and globetrotting attractions, Las Vegas Strip is more than glitz and gambling. – [Source: National Scenic Byways Program]

Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Lake Buena Vista, FL

The most popular of Disney’s Florida attractions saw a 2.5 percent increase [17.1 million] in visitation compared with 2006, according to the TEA/ERA ThemePark Attendance Report.

How the Magic Kingdom has managed to maintain its charm and appeal over the years is a lesson in simplicity. It has stayed true to its original vision, a place where families could gather in a clean and safe environment to enjoy the time they spend together.

Fisherman’s Wharf/Golden Gate National Recreation Area, San Francisco, CA

The Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) is a U.S. National Recreation Area administered by the National Park Service that surrounds the San Francisco Bay area.

The Golden Gate National Recreation Area, one of the top tourist destinations, which includes the famous orange bridge along with numerous other spaces throughout the Bay Area, draws 14.3 million visitors annually.

 Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tenn./N.C.

America’s most visited national park is neither the Grand Canyon nor Yosemite. The naturalbeauty and the four distinct seasons enjoyed in the GSMNP is unmatched!

With more than 800 miles of protected trails, this natural wonder hosted nearly 10 million hikers, birders and drivers last year.

Navy Pier, Chicago, IL

Opened in 1916, this Chicago landmark on the shore of Lake Michiganhas served as a campus and military trainingfacility.

With 8.6 million visitors, From rides to restaurants, exhibitions to entertainment, shopping to dining cruises and tour boats Navy Pier has it all – in alocation unlike any other!

SeaWorld Florida, Orlando, FL

Attendance was up one percent from the previous year for this watery theme park-one of several Orlando sites on our list. The TEA/ERA puts SeaWorld’s 2007 attendance at 5.8 million.

. World Honeymoon Destinations, Top Honeymoon Destinations ...
... and to make things easier for you, we have selected top honeymoon destinations that are truly a paradise on earth. Enjoy the most romantic honeymoon with your spouse at these world 

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